FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions.

What's on the Web?
Mostly, World Wide Web is comprised of files. Some files contain images, text, sound, or other content. Some are for entertainment, some are for information or education, some are for business purposes. You access these files by using your web browser.

How do I use the browser?
Once you are connected to the Web, start your browser. (usually, this means to double-click on the icon for your browser, such as Explorer or Netscape). Once the browser opens, you will first see your Home Page. The Home Page is your starting point for surfing the Web. To use the browser type the address of the site you wish to visit into the browser's ADDRESS line.

What Home Page should I use?
OHIORAMP.COM provides a FREE news and entertainment based home page service at www.ohioramp.com which includes hot links, a search engine, technical support, and much more. Also, some other companies provide web content and home pages, many of which are also free.

What's an address or URL? (Uniform Resource Locator)
The URL for most places on the web begins with "http://" and then the actual web site, such as www.ohioramp.com. Some modern browsers, though, may allow you to dispense with typing "http://" The web address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is just an agreed upon way for every one on the web to go where they wish. By standardizing the address system (URL) all you need to know is the name of the web site. You generally won't have to worry about any of the technical details.

What if the address (URL) I typed in doesn't work?
There are many causes of that. Sometimes the site is down due to computer failure, or becuase the local telephone company connecting that computer to the Internet has a problem. Sometimes, the Internet is so busy, that your browser never gets through to the site. When that happens, the browser "times out" and stops trying to access the site. If that occurs, you might try accessing the site again later.

What if I have a question about my bill?
Call OHIORAMP.COM Customer Service at 1-800-795-3282.

Why can't my modem connect at 56K?
Actually, no one's modem can. The FCC (and the limitations of the telephone company infrastructure) have limited actual modem speed to 53K.

Allright, then, why can't I connect at 53K?
Using the 56K standard, upstream modem speed (that's the speed FROM your PC to any other PC) is typically capped at 33.6KB. But, this standard allows for digital compression of the downstream modem speed. (Downstream is from the ISP to your computer.) Since most of your activity (browsing, downloading, etc) makes more use of the downstream direction, the 56K standard accelerates the downstream side of the connection only. Not all modem software drivers work exactly alike, so yours may be reporting the upstream speed.

So how fast can I connect?
With optimum line conditions, you should be able to connect to a local ISP at 33.6K upsteam, and as high as 53K downstream. Of course, your telephone line, type of modem, and other factors greatly affect the actual speed you will achieve.

What kind of modem is best?
For connecting with OHIORAMP.COM, a 56K modem based on the K56FLEX standard is typically best. Modems using only the x2 technology will work, but may be limited to 33.6KB on our system. Also, ANY modem with an up-to-date V.90 driver can also achieve better speeds. And, any 33.6KB, 28.8KB, or 14.4KB modem should also work well, even though it will not be the fastest possible hardware.

What about the phone line?
Line quality is a variable factor. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone line, he had no idea that we'd be using the same technology to surf the Web. Thus, lines are optimized for people, not PC's. By using a modem, to translate the digital bits of the computer into an audible tone, we are able to send data across the line using an analog sound wave. If noise, static, or other interference occurs on the line, the analog wave's quality is slightly degraded. That slight quality difference may not be detectible by the human ear, but it can cause a modem to slow down, or to drop a connection altogether.

So what can I do about the line quality?
Try to use an ISP whose POP equipment is physically nearby - hopefully connected to the same telephone exchange system. Try to have good quality phone wiring with no splices for your PC to use. You can even ask the local phone company to test your line for quality, but they may charge for that service.

I'm connected, now where is my E-mail?
You must open your E-mail client software, usually by double-clicking on the icon for your mail program.

What E-mail program should I use?
Your computer probably already has a mail reader, named INBOX, OUTLOOK, EXCHANGE, EUDORA, PEGASUS, or something like that. If you need a mail program, you can down load one off the web (search for Mail Clients). We also provide E-mail software with our sign up kit.

The mail program asked me for my POP and SMTP server. What's that?
For OHIORAMP.COM users, your POP mail server is mail.ohioramp.net and your SMTP mail server is mail.ohioramp.net.

I cannot send or receive mail. What's wrong?
First, make sure you are using your correct E-mail name "yourname@ohioramp.com" and that you are sending to a valid E-mail recipient. Then make sure you are using your E-mail password, not your access password (they are often not the same) Then, be sure the password was typed in in lower case not UPPER CASE.

My mail still doesn't work, what can I do?
Call OHIORAMP.COM Customer Service at 800-795-3282. We can provide some basic setup help for many of the most common E-mail programs. Or we can supply you with an E-mail program and help you configure it for our account.

I cannot log on to the Internet at all, what should I do?
Call OHIORAMP.COM Customer Service at 800-795-3282. If you have lost or forgotten your password, we can help you. Or, your dial-up program is failing to connect, we can provide basic help for most typical dialing programs.

Our FAQ board is constantly being updated to better reflect current issues.

If you have a question, CLICK HERE TO SEND IT TO US and we will answer as soon as possible. Also, your question may make it to this FAQ Board. That's right, you may be helping others whom you've never met to understand the Internet. Won't that make you proud?
Of course, OHIORAMP.COM subscribers may also call our Technical Support Center for assistance during business hours at 800-795-3282.

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