Welcome to the Legal Department.

At OHIORAMP we really are quite friendly people! And, we try to run our little business in a friendly manner and we want you to be satisfied with our service offerings. But we've been at this quite a while, and we've noticed that sometimes, a very small minority tries to spoil it all by abusing the system, or by abusing our friendly staff. (We find it unconscionably distasteful even to address this issue, but the lawyers really give us very little choice: Here comes the flood of fine print!) So, because we are a professional company running in a professional manner in the real world, some rules and regulations are necessary.

First, a plain language answer to your question may be available on our FAQ Page.
Of course, you may direct general questions to us at info@ohioramp.com.
Or, you may E-mail Technical questions to support@ohioramp.com.

You may access our old Year2000 readiness statement by clicking HERE.
(Yes, the lawyers made us keep this one up here, but it's pretty obvious that if you can read this, Y2K must not have affected us too much . . .)

Those of you who host sites or register domain names with OHIORAMP are bound by one or more of the following agreements:
This is the Registration Agreement for .COM, .NET, .ORG sites or domain names.
This is the IP Claim Service Agreement and the Registration Agreement for .BIZ domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement for .INFO domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement for .CC domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement for .TV domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement for .US domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement for .NAME domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement for .CA domain names.
This is the Registration Agreement and Nominet Terms for .CO.UK and .ORG.UK domain names.
Also, all Domain Name Registrants are bound by the ICANN UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy).
Additional information on ICANN and international authority for Domain Registration is available here.

All purchasers, buyers, recipients, or winners of any hardware, software, physical object, or item other than our online services agrees that such services come from our parent company Ohio Statewide Systems and are bound by the following terms:
1) That all warranties on such items are provided by the manufacturer, and that all recourse or claim for defective, inoperable, incompatible or incomplete product be levied against the actual manufacturer of the product. 2) That all sales are final, all prize announcements are solely the determination of the company, and that substitutions, replacement, or alternate prizes, hardware or merchandise shall be made only at the decision of Ohio Statewide System, whose decision is final. 3) That regardless of any other term or condition, all products, sales, prizes, hardware, software, or other tangible objects cannot be returned to Ohio Statewide Systems for any reason after 30 days from date of sale, delivery, or award. 4) That any tangible object, merchandise, or product returned to Ohio Statewide Systems shall be subject to a restocking fee of 20% or a minimum of $20.00 USD. 5) That all services (such as but not limited to: hourly billable labor,installation, delivery, monthly / hourly or term access, hosting, etc.) are in all cases non-refundable.

OHIORAMP Privacy Policy
OHIORAMP maintains records of many kinds:
1) Technical information records: OHIORAMP maintains computerized logs of all system access, and maintains additional records as necessary to document system usage and abuse, and maintains technical records for our staff to examine periodically to ascertain system performance, activity, and other general statistics. We also make broad statistical masurements to document system capacity and plan for system upgrades or expansion. In addition, other vendors whose hardware or software resides here (or elsewhere) may also make such statistical measurments as necessary to optimize performance of web servers, etc. OHIORAMP may make specific records of access and activity if system abuse, attacks, hacking / cracking, or malicious abuse of the system occur or have appeared to occur.
2) Billing and accounting records: In addition, OHIORAMP maintains billing information (which may include name, address, telephone number, user ID, payment records, and historical logs to verify successful login and usage of the system) to facilitate customer billing and / or resolve customer queries about billing matters.
3) Miscellaneous other records: OHIORAMP may record and retain information voluntarily divulged by anyone attempting to obtain a free trial, a contest prize, or a quote for services. Such information may include name, phone number, address, and other data pertinent to the request. OHIORAMP may record requests for marketing purposes, and to determine the effectiveness of marketing activities. OHIORAMP may maintain such records on individuals or other entities, vendors, etc.
4) Non-OHIORAMP Records: Your computer, websites you visit, or your activity on the Internet may be tracked and recorded by entities other than OHIORAMP. OHIORAMP does not keep or have any access to such records and bears no responsibility for the privacy or security of any such records collected by others.
For categories #1 and #3, the information is shared only as OHIORAMP deems necessary internally, and for the most part are not shared with outside sources. Category #2 records are kept in paper format or encrypted file as required, but be aware that while OHIORAMP guards the security using typically adequate measures, such data is transmitted to banks and credit card processing companies that are obviously outside the control of OHIORAMP, and OHIORAMP has no authority over how such data is used, recorded, maintained, or shared with other parties. In fact, any processing software that stores your billing records is most likely provided by the bank or financial services institution, therefore, OHIORAMP has no choice, control, authority, or information about what happens to that information once it is encoded and stored by that company's software. Likewise, category #4 data is completely beyond the control or authority of OHIORAMP, and we bear no responsibility for use or misuse of such data. Any online methods of transaction security are generally disclosed on the secure page where the transaction is placed.
Lastly, OHIORAMP would like you to know:
-- that we have NEVER sold our client list or email list,
-- that we have NEVER sold the names of anyone who used a free trial of access services,
-- that we have NEVER sold any name of any users to any other party,
-- that we have NEVER tracked and sold for profit any data on any of our users or clients,
-- that we have NEVER engaged in outbound telemarketing using unsolcited, random calls,
-- that we have NEVER engaged in unsolicited commercial e-mail marketing (spam).
Of course, while using OHIORAMP or any other ISP, it is quite possible for you to voluntarily or involuntarily release such information to third parties, other websites, or other persons on the Internet. It is recommended that if you beileve your personal information has been compromised (for example, if you are receiving excessive marrketing emails, etc.) contact OHIORAMP to have your user ID, email name and password changed immediately at no charge. It is also recommended that you acquire and use a personal system firewall or encrypt any personal data, and monitor your computer for virii and other unauthorized software if you have further privacy concerns. Be aware, however, that such services are generally the responsibility of the user and are not included for free or with any warranty fron OHIORAMP.

ALL USERS of this site, and users of ANY OHIORAMP service or any product or service of Ohio Statewide Systems agree, by accepting or using those goods or services, to be bound by the above, and by our Acceptable Use Policy Statement and Terms of Service agreement.

Please note that these terms and policies are subject to change. Given the rapid nature of change on the Internet, change in such policies is a nearly constant issue. While we have posted sample copies of agreements and policies at this website for your perusal, be advised that in the event of any such change or dispute, the most current version of the agreements and policies shall be held in effect regardless of the version posted on this website. Current terms and policies are available in our business office. If you have further questions, you should submit them in writing via U.S. Mail to the following address:

Ohio Statewide Systems
13500 Pearl Road
Suite # 139-300
Cleveland, Ohio 44136

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